6 comments on “Lois on the Loose

  1. Rodders. Pic #2 is still a bit dark and/or contrasty at this end, but I suppose the alternative would be to blow out the sky. Once upon a time I knew how to selectively adjust regions of an image, but I’ve happily turned my back on photoshop.

    Kalimbuka has much in common with New South Caledonia – our menfolk do the housework while the women pose.

    Hotters. Probably not a hardware fault. Nor software.

  2. Roddy, the slides look very over-contrasty to me. I’ve just sent a probably OTT email, mainly a forwarding of one I sent someone else, with a bit of what I’ve learned since then, and some comparison slide scans, some with a standa-alone scanner similar to yours (different make and older), and the others with a “tethered” scanner run by powerful software (with a rubbish intereface). Forgot to say that Vuescan sell cheaper, possibly better scanning software, although they work only for tethered scanners…

  3. Hi Chris. Thanks for that. I think that atthe end of the day, for me, it’s a question of whether the Ion will deliver an image reasonable enough to use on my blog. What I should probably do is try scanning one of the slides I previously scanned with the Epsom, and compare the results. I can always use the Epsom if need be, as it still works as a scanner.

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