12 comments on “Out of the Canyon

  1. I know less than half of the names on your list. The earliest one whose music I remember was Jackie DeShannon. Following your link I discovered she wrote Needles & Pins, and had a relationship with Jimmy Page. My personal fave would be Robby Krieger. Yours wouldn’t be Brian would it?

  2. I’m voting YES to Scottish independence because 1) I don’t want to have to live under any more Tory governments 2) I hate paying taxes so the British Government can kill foreigners they don’t like. I could also say that the current political balance favours the right in elections due to the amount of Tories in England. If the YES vote wins, it’ll be little to do with nationalism. BTW It’s the British nationalists who have caused all the bother!! Look at Northern Ireland.

  3. Hi Hotboy. Well, a nation without nationalism is an interesting idea. But your new proposed political unit creates new minorities, so they should then be allowed to form their own political unit/country (e.g. Shetland Islands, or the Borders, etc, where I believe a large majority don’t favour a separate Scotland, but this will in turn create new minorities, who shoulld get their own political units/countries.

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