7 comments on “The Catrail

  1. Probably only 14k but it was very hard going, as for most of the time there was no path, just clumps of turf and bog. I don’t think that anyone actually walks the Catrail, unlike so many other paths and trails.

  2. The Catrail is similar to earthworks built by native Americans often in the form of animals or snakes. However, the scale of the Catrail suggests economic rather than spiritual motives. One idea is that the builders of the Catrail were among the first settlers in the Borders, clearing post-glacial birch and scrub and trapping larger animals within complex earthworks. In the 1970’s I was told this story by a farm labourer in Cessford (and long time member of the Hawick antiquarian society) who wished he had the time to explore the Catrail properly. He mused that the clues probably lay in the field names that run alongside the Catrail. “They never change” he said “that’ll be the language of the builders…that’s my best bet.”

  3. I have just walked some of the Catrail from Gala to Selkirk and up onto the Minchmoor, it would be great to explore the whole route.

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