4 comments on “More Fear and Loathing in Amsterdam? – A short story

  1. Fat Mac told me this is the phonus balonus and is the result of folk going to Amterdam to drink. That’s why you mis-remember probably. But it’s a wonderful story. You could sell it on Kindle for 77p to millions of Kindle users.

  2. As a simple man with simple needs which can be mostly be satisfied with the limited amount of available cash-in-hand, and love and affection, I’m not interested in making money in the way you suggest. Fat Mac, on the other hand, has always been almost obsessed with money. Either from not having enough of it, or more recently from having too much of it.

  3. I feel hungover just from reading that. Before you go, better check the small print on the travel insurance. Will they pay for repatriating the body?

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