5 comments on “Pivotal moment in history

  1. Cap’n Kev says Arabs will always fight because it’s in their nature/culture. Albert says it’s all the fault of the Brits, and if they hadn’t messed them around over the centuries, they’d be living in perfect peace now. Who’s right?

  2. Part of Ethiopia’s challenge is that 85 percent of the workforce is in agricultural commodities that bring low profits. Ethiopia is already leasing land in its southern regions to Saudi Arabia, India, and China for large irrigated water projects—despite severe land shortage in its northern regions—because it does not have the funds to develop this land on its own.

  3. When the British governed Sudan as a colony they administered the northern and southern provinces separately. The south was held to be more similar to the other east-African colonies — Kenya, Tanganyika , and Uganda — while northern Sudan was more similar to Arabic -speaking Egypt. Northern Arabs were prevented from holding positions of power in the Catholic-dominated south, and trade was discouraged between the two areas. However, in 1946, the British gave in to northern pressure to integrate the two areas. Arabic was made the language of administration in the south, and northerners began to hold positions there. The southern elite, trained in English, resented the change as they were kept out of their own government.

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