9 comments on “Aberdeen University Library – Great building, but shame about the website

  1. Like the idea of having a breakout room. Never heard of that before. What are they supposed to do there? Break out in hysterical cryng, or laughing. Break out in spots! It’s probably the latter.

  2. Roddy, old son. You’re retired; I will soon be, and what you did with IRN can’t be duplicated. There are people who punch tickets–meaning just there for the resume–and people who do the mission. You are a person who does the mission. I think you get my drift–Yank slang for getting the point. After 9/11 I was assigned to an office where the only light came from the computer. After the port authority came in to change the lights after a year in darkness, I thought I would need sun glasses. OR I was having a religious experience. I did the mission and so did you. You know the drill. Aberdeen does not. So health and long life from a guy who would not cheer for the Rangers. Thanks for all your work. TN Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2013 17:05:39 +0000 To: tnaughton@hotmail.comann Subject: [New post] Aberdeen University Library


    Roddy MacLeod posted: “We took some stuff up to Aberdeen for Shaun, and paid a visit to the Sir Duncan Rice Library at Aberdeen University.

    I had only ever seen it from the outside, and wondered about the design.

    From the inside, it becomes obvious – the different sha”

  3. I daresay Google would take over all the cataloging and cross-referencing, if they thought they could weave in enough adverts to make it worth their while.

  4. When a university library website offers such poor subject asssistance, the students will simply use Google Scholar instead. Via Scholar, they will likely find many useful resources, but they willl also miss relevant content, some of which has been paid for by the university.

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