9 comments on “Cycling without Fat Mac

  1. Fat Mac told me that drinking alcohol is part of his religion, him been into Tantrism. Sometimes he says he had to eat meat and have hanky panky with lots of Dakinis. What kind of religions is that? Personally, I haven’t had a drink for years! As far as I know, the Mackenzies fought for the English at Culloden, but also fought for the Jacobites. But those Mackenzies couldn’t even spell their name properly so it’s hard to tell. But I was told the clan chiefs and all that crew were on the winning side. And I don’t think folk had a problem with the Stuarts being absolutist. Being kafflicks was much worse!!

  2. Hey Roddy…..it’s no wonder that Bonnie Prince Charlie kicked our English ass in June 1945, most of our brave boys were elsewhere, mopping up Jerry. Obviously he arranged with Hitler to set up a diversionary second front. Typical ‘sweaty’ tactic!

  3. My dear ex Mary Hopkin, who taught toughies (including the Rollers) at Preston Lodge school, would probably argue that Prestonpans was still controlled by rebels.

    PS coincidentally it was Mac himself who first explained the term ‘bing’ to a young bourgeois Albert.

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