2 comments on “Comments on the Referendum

  1. Scotland isn’t demanding anything from anyone as far as I can see. If the Englanders want to go their own way, good luck to them! Also, the EU can bugger off as well. So can Nato. Take your nuclear weapons and put them somewhere else. Scotland is a rich country. What does it matter which currency you spend? It’s only based on confidence and is just a lot of noughts and ones at the end of the day!

  2. As long as those who might vote yes know what will happen.

    I read somewhere that:

    “But a rather more persuasive explanation for the inadequacy of the SNP’s engagement with serious issues this week is that it may suspect the game is up. The party has read the steadiness in the polls and realised it is not going to win a referendum that Salmond neither wanted nor expected until his shock landslide in 2011 forced him to hold it.

    In that case, the long game may simply be an SNP core vote strategy, designed not to persuade but to maximise the anti-English, anti-British, anti-Tory, anti-neoliberal vote that the nationalists have successfully corralled in the past – and await another day.”

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