3 comments on “Iron Curtain: The crushing of Eastern Europe

  1. Why don’t you read a decent history book and not just something that re-inforces your prejudices!! Did the author of this fine book mention that the only folk who stood up to the Nazis and fought them in Europe were the communist parties i.e in France, Italy, etc. The USSR needed a buffer against the homicidal capitalist basturns who couldn’t wait to attack them, and did in 1919 and then the Nazis in the Second World War. If it wasn’t for the communist basturns we’d all be speaking German!!

  2. Hotters. Trying to imagine you speaking German. You could try English though.

    Rodders. Soviet communism, institutionalised paranoia, has been surpassed by North Korea.

    The day NSC politics is driven by social media, will be the day I apply to Fat Eck for asylum.

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