9 comments on “To crop or not to crop, that is the question

  1. The evil bourgeois will go for cropped since they are so anally retentive, so I’ll go uncropped. Anyway, it’s all the business of pleasing proportions as far as the shape is concerned. There’s maybe a reason why the Greeks didn’t build the Parthenon the shape of yon cropped stuff.

  2. Almost every photo benefits from cropping. A judicious crop can help the composition of the photo come closer to meeting the rule of thirds. In the photo of the horizon, for example, the crop could place the horizon along the upper 1/3 or lower 1/3 of the photo, rather than at center. Other times, the crop can eliminate extraneous objects that distract, as in the last photo. Nice photos, Roddy!

  3. Cropping is one of many compositional tools available after the photo has been taken, and tends to be an aesthetic decision depending on what you want to achieve. Last year I did a “52”, posting one picture a week (on a theme drawn from a hat each week) on a photography website, and making and receiving comments from others. Several times my rather uninspired offerings were improved by suggested crops; once or twice I reckoned they were better without the crop.

    IMHO thre last one is definitely better cropped, as it removes that very distracting and uninterestingsky area. I think the first and second are better uncropped. The third would be better cropped, but with a different crop I think; maybe keep the original proportions, the horizon on the lower third, and the building on the intersection with the left third… which still gives plenty of leeway. But I didn’t take the pics, so what would I know? (;-)

  4. My reaction to each of the 4 scenes:

    1 – the original is more satisfying, giving roughly equal space to each of the 3 elements.

    2 – as for 1.

    3 – I like both versions. The original conveys vastness, while the crop emphasises the building.

    4 – the original has three elements, each containing red and white. The original also contains some extra diagonals. But I would crop the sides a little to simplify things.

    PS I possibly don’t know what I’m talking about.

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