4 comments on “To crop, or not to crop, continued

  1. Those very wide, letter box panoramic formats can be difficult to compose for, as a lot of the usual compositional devices (thirds, leading lines etc) are quite hard to apply in those formats. That said, to my mind any of the crops work quite well in this instance (though they might need quite a high resolution original to print well at a reasonable size, and the top one might be nice enough to print(… but the original is a better photo than any of them! There’s a lot more movement in the shot, and space for my eye to roam around, so the picture holds interest well after the first glance. YMMV, of course!

  2. What? Cropping photies? Is this the same as what you do with tatties? If you mean chopping bits off them because they are crap, you should call it crapping photies. Where did spontaneity go?? Us Zen folk like the blurred ones the best. How’s about blurring some of your photies so folk have to guess what they are about? I will donate a prize of a pound of tatties if you are prepared to wait till July or August.

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