5 comments on “Fear and loathing in retirement

  1. It must have been awful trying to balance the outgoings and the ingoings when you have such a gigantic property portfolio (including a croft, by God!) and own more shares than Jacob Rothschild. Anyway, this is a post from a person who doesn’t meditate. People who meditate do not get bored. People who meditate get the bliss instead. My advice to anyone who is going to retire is to give away all your evil bourgeois baggage and learn how to meditate. Nothing worse than being born a flatheid, living like a flatheid, and dying like a flatheid.

  2. Hi Kropo. Yes, the two muddy fields from where my peasant ancestors emerged are still in the family. If they were not so worthless, we would undoubtedly have sold them off to the capitalists by now. But if the Scottish Nasties get their way and Jockland goes down the drain, we could always pitch a hut on them and try to grow a handful of tatties.

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