4 comments on “Going on holiday and photographing the locals

  1. My brother took brilliant photies because he was a brilliant photographer. But I’m so pleased you didn’t want to corrupt the natives with money as it would spoil them as photographic opportunities for future money gods wandering about and sticking cameras in their faces. The women picking tea should have fell on their knees and praised the lord that the honkies watching them trying to earn a living had their best interests at heart. Of course, the Breetish only went there to help them originally and it is in this spirit, I’m sure, that you’d rather give them ballloons instead of money. You’re not one, of course, to hand out balloons and then go for a pink gin to the Planters Club, are you?

    • Unfortunately, there was a rowdy element (well, one person, to tell the truth) in our group. The doorman on the Planters Club took one look at him, and barred entrance to all of us.

  2. Can’t wait till your get off this holiday stuff and post about the American Revolution and how the posh boys then were just trying to help the yanks hold off the injuns, and how the yanks would now do much better if they asked Prince Charles to be their king rather than go through all this election nonsense which just risks empowering the wrong kind of chap!

  3. The other cringingly embarrassing thing about the trip was the badly dressed member of the party who frequently waved his wedge of rupees above his head and shouted “I’m loaded. What poor people want some of this?”

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