3 comments on “Culloden: Scotland’s Last Battle and the Forging of the British Empire

  1. I used to know Trevor Royle. Very nice man. Used to be literary director of the SAC in the long ago. Anyway, I was hoping you’d treat Culloden like you did the Highland Clearances, in that I assumed you’d tell us that the wounded who were slaughtered after the battle were asking for it, that they couldn’t expect anything else after standing around all day getting blown to bits, and that the ones who escaped the battle were forever grateful to Cumberland for the excellent training in how to be a complete murdering basturn. You seem to be losing your edge. BTW I think I started studying for my finals two weeks beforehand.

    • One thing you understand after reading Royle’s book is how nasty everyone was in those days during and after battles. In Canada, one lot would surrender, only to be subsequently scalped by the other lot. Only folk like nat nutters still go on about Culloden not being, well, like good old boys playing cricket. Even as late as 1898, Churchill found riding over the battle site at Omdurman and lancing the wounded as ‘great sport’. The Jacobites threatened invasion and rebellion again and again early 18th century, but they stopped after Culloden.

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