4 comments on “Expanding Edinburgh to the east

  1. It’s about time they sent the tinks to stay with you guys. I think it’s called socialism. Just think of the great job Mugabe did. All the tinks moved into the farms and what did you get? Tinks in farms! Result! They don’t produce any surpluse, but who gives a damn. Mealy pap. Now the socialists have taken over the labour party, you are completely in safe hands. You will be heading south in the covered wagon before you can say I’d like to lick the bottom of David Cameron. The veto on political venom is now rescinded.

    • Hi Jem. Hate to say it, but I think that the majority of the new homes being built and planned are middle class. e.g. Newcraighall £285,995 To £334,995 and Balfour Park at about the same. Of course, you couldn’t buy a fancy flat in Stockbridge, where the champagne socialists live, for that amount.

  2. saw your comments on housing develoments round the East of Edinburgh. It is happening everywhere – there is colossal development at South Queesnferry, Winchburgh, Kirkliston and also proposed and approved for green belt land at Cammo. This summer i took the cycle path from Penicuik to Dalkeith. This path has been pretty well ruined between Dalkeith and Eskbank by the Waverley rail line development but the various diversions showed a huge amount of new and mostly expensive housing there. Most houses had two cars in the drive as well.

    In East Lothian there is a huge development planned for Haddington,

    The thing is that in countries like France and Spain much new developement is tenement/condominium but we seem to think here that everyone should have a house and a garden although we have far less land per head of population and more congestion. And in almost all the cases i have mentioned it is prime agricultural land that is going under.

    Like you i am often on the cycle ways around Edin particularly to the WEst and more and more the cyclepaths are becoming hemmed in by housing. In another 10 years, if it goes on, a days cycle from the house is barely going to get me away from the sprawl and the back roads of E Lothian will be a lot busier than they are now.

    What i constantly wonder when i see it all, is how can people afford all this stuff and how will they pay off the loan when and if interest rates ever go up? All this is going on when factory after factory is closing too – something doesnt add up here.!

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