8 comments on “Slow week

  1. I love your little ramblings Roddy! Quite agree with you regarding toilet seats….having just moved house and have a brand new toilet seat we will see how long it lasts!

  2. Read it till the after-effects of the evil bourgeois toilet training regime started to kick in. You’ll never get over it now. Well, since you are too dumb to meditate, maybe you could open your wallet, ignore all the dead bugs that fall out, and get yourself some therapy!! Of course, it’s just the opposite for me – this slow week stuff – when the too dumb to meditate leave me alone, things can get really brilliant some times. Really really brilliant!! Thank god for solitude!!

    • Some watered down flash & a couple of sprays of toilet cleaner – did the trick well. If it wasn’t so cold, I’d sit there and watch people as they walk by, admiring my stoep.

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