2 comments on “Oh No! Here we go again.

  1. Are you talking about British nationalism or English nationalism? Who are the xenophobic on this island? Most YES voters are like me, and I’m not a nationalist. I don’t like having a government in London who nobody in Scotland voted for. Please write a post giving a brief description of the kind of world you would like to live in. Does it really have Brexit and us Scottish people being governed by folk we don’t vote for? Forget this nationalism stuff. George Orwell would turn in his grave if he thought he was being quoted in this context by such a right wing loony as your good self. Dearie me! You’re so stuck in the seventies!!! Go and speak to some normal people. They’re in the shops and pubs out there in Portobello.

    • Hi Jez. Even someone like you can realise that the folk you vote for and who have called for another unwanted referendum have ‘Nationalist’ as the middle word in their party name. So the Scottish Nationalists are not nationalists! Now I’ve heard everything.

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