11 comments on “In which scenario would Scotland likely have a bigger voice on things that directly affect Scotland?

  1. Don’t understand the first map. Why isn’t England in the EU? Have they left on their own and left us in? Hurrah!!!!!!

  2. Thank God for some sense at last. I hate the Scottish. We subsidise them far too much, but there are a lot of reasons why they should stay in Britain. For one thing, if they were successful (not much chance of that!), a lot of black people and catholics would want to live there and we’ve enough of them down here in England. Also, the Scottish are too stupid to rule themselves. All the smart Scottish got out of that dump long ago. I hear that most of the protestants left have no chins and like cricket.

  3. I’m a true Britisher!! We’re all in this together so why do the Scots get free everything and we have to pay through the nose? The sooner we get rid of the Scottish the better. Whinge, whinge, whinge!! That’s all you get!

  4. The Scots can get to f++++ ! We don’t need any more drunks or beggars. Send them back home, the lot of them!! They come down here and steal our jobs!!

    • Hi EDL. You don’t seem to exist on the astral plane (I checked) so you may be yet another emanation of Jez (see above), or you may be someone else who, like some SNP supporters, is trying to generate anti-Scottish feelings so that there is an anti-dissing reaction. Either way, your Comment only goes to show what a sad dweeb you are.

  5. Please no insults! I’m sorry for calling you a scrounging Scottish bastard. But you haven’t got a job, have you? I don’t mean begging. Anyway, tell me why I have to pay for my prescriptions when you scrounging Scottish bastards don’t?

    • Hi EDL. I am too old to work – that’s why I don’t have a job. Whatever you do, and whatever they cost, please don’t stop taking your medications – it sounds as if you really need them. Here in Scotland, we pay more taxes than anywhere else in the UK, so that may be why prescriptions are free here. But I don’t really know, as I’m not on any medication myself.

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