2 comments on “There is only one sensible answer

  1. The SNP want to hold a referendum because they want independence!! And when they get it, we don’t want you haggis eating barbarians streaming across the border. There are too many beggars down here to start with. Bur if you don’t know why the SNP want a referendum, you may not be the one to lead the campaign for NO across the border. It seems no one wants the job!! The Labour Party want a federal Britain now anyway. I was hoping you could lead. It could be David Attenborough but he’s English. On the other hand, you might be the one because we want Scottish independence so we can send all the drunks and beggars back across the border. And then build a wall!! Huge wall! Beautiful. And the Scots will pay for it!!!

    • Hi Mac. Are you back in Edinburgh from the Samye Lin already? From your Comment it appears that, today, you are a bit confused about your real allegiance. Anyway, let me know when you want me to come round and show you you how to get photies from your phone on to your computer.

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