8 comments on “What is actually happening – indyref2, SNP, creating divisions, etc

  1. No one is trying to divide people. People are already divided. Almost nobody is Scotland (20% Tory) voted for the UK government. You should try to address this democratic deficit. I still pay taxes. Why should Mrs May be allowed to use my taxes to declare war on whatever oil rich country gets it in the neck next. Say what you like, but please explain the bedroom tax to me. That was forced on Scotland by folk we do not vote for. Like, the Poll Tax it was forced on us. We are a divided country because of laissez faire economics which is only supported by the Tories who have torn this country apart and forced folk to think the unthinkable.

  2. Sadiq Khan??? What kind of English man is that?? It’s coming to it when some just-off-the-boat raghead can be taken seriously anywhere, even among the Scottish drunkards. But pleased that you don’t like that socialist rag, The Daily Record. When did it start supporting Scottish independence?? Anyway, it’s fake news!!! We don’t want to unite people in Britain. We want to unite the white ENGLISH nation. So don’t try to come and live down here. Take you deep fried Mars bars and your haggis and get to f***!!!

    • Hello again John McKenzie from Edinburgh writing under yet another assumed name. You’re rather busy this morning, and possibly very confused or something because you seem to have switched virtual locations and allegiances.

  3. Sadly Roddy mis-quotung people for often carefully considered remarks, and then pillorying them on the basis of the mis-quotes, is far too common these days.

    If I was in favour of P45 I might want to bellow “fake news”…

    • Hi Chris. Unfortunately it seems that moments after the misreported items are available, people are all too quick to pillory the person being misreported, without even reading what the misreported person actually said.

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