6 comments on “Short movie script: Who speaks for Scotland?

  1. You obviously have all the talent we need to script a film promoting the canonisation of our Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II.May she reign over us from heaven!! She is already very holy of course. How else would she be the head of the Church of England? We must rally round our Royal family to help unify the country. I think the fabulous film, William and Catherine, about the romance between a prince and a commoner, should be shown in primary schools up there at least once a week. Scottish children can especially identify with it since much of the story is set in St Andrews of course.

    • Hello again Mac. Well, if the SNP get their disastrous way, we’ll certainly need something to cheer ourselves up with and keep ourselves busy with. Even your books may make a comeback. Is that what you’re hoping for? That if no-one has any money anymore, and they have plenty time because there are no jobs anymore, they’ll accept your remaindered copies for a few worthless groats or Euro cents?

  2. How’s about scripting a post zombie apocalypse movie with the zombies all being played by Scottish beggars in kilts. This would be a good chance to widen the appeal of Prince William. He is, as you know, a military genius since he was a colonel while barely out of his teens. Prince William could go galloping across the border in a big white horse with a black curly wig (well he’s not got much more hair than a coconut) and a red coat just like King Billy, one of his relatives. This would have the added effect of terrifying the papes up there and encouraging our most faithful allies in the orange order.

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