7 comments on “Neither Yes nor No: An impartial analysis of social media with respect to the Referendum(s) in Scotland

  1. Nice to see you’ve found something to do. I’ve been reading about the Clearances since I hear you are interested in history. Well, a lot of those begging Scottish basturns wanted to come down here and we told them to get to f+++!! We don’t want any more drunken beggars down here!

    • Hi Mac. So you are presumably talking about the Inverleith Allotments, and the fact that you were nearly evicted for having too many weeds on your plot, I suppose.

  2. To anyone else posting as a troll – I’m a retired information professional. I was once in a car in the middle of nowhere in Ghana, visiting my son who was working for the Ghanaian government. We were stopped by a policeman for speeding. He wasn’t interested in fining us, but only in receiving a bribe (which someone unfortunately had to pay). Within days of returning home to Scotland I found his name, his profile, pictures of him with his family, statements saying he was religious, etc etc. I didn’t do anything with that info, but my point is that I am pretty capable of finding out stuff and whether someone is a troll, or not.

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