3 comments on “The hills above Crieff

  1. Great exercise that walking about the hills. Good idea to start the survivalist skills. I can grow tatties. You’d need to be doing something whilst walking though, like hunting. Year zero could be round the corner. Just hope the soup kitchens don’t refuse to feed the old duffers like us.

  2. There is not enough politics here. Do you think Kafflicks should be allowed to live in Scotland? When I were a lad, and the Orange Walks were going passed my door telling me to fung off, I did not feel Scottish. I felt Irish. I should have been in the army. But Kafflicks or not? What do you think?

    • Henry – Is that an appropriate Irish name? “Henry is an English male given name and surname derived from Old French Henri/Henry, itself derived from the Middle High German name Heinrich, from Old High German Haimirich (from haim- “home” and rich “ruler”), which was conflated with the name Haginrich (from hagin “enclosure” and rich “ruler”).”

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