4 comments on “Katanga 1960-63

  1. I recall reading somewhere that the only African country that was not at some point under European influence / colonialism was Ethiopia. Looking through the “World flags & statistics” section of my atlas, (having nothing better to do) I notice that 50 African countries have a European language listed under their “Main languages” section. The only two countries without are Ethiopia & neighbouring Eritrea.
    Today’s bit of useless information !

  2. Thankyou for referring me to the website, Roddy. This was an area of history of which I had no knowledge. Will copy and settle down & digest in detail.

    re Liberia, I recall the country was formed as a destination for freed American slaves. A quick follow up shows that about 5% of the population are descended from this source. Apparently it was the only African country to escape European colonisation in Africa.

    Most interesting !!

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