I’m a retired information professional, based in Edinburgh, UK.  I enjoy travel and writing about travel, I read quite a lot, and I enjoy food.  Here’s my YouTube site.

I worked at various times at Heriot-Watt University Library from 1975, when I joined as a Graduate Trainee Librarian, until December 2009, when took early retirement. My first post as a qualified librarian was Assistant Librarian (Cataloguing). Thereafter I became Librarian-in-charge of Chambers Street Library. My last post was Senior Subject Librarian, with responsibility for liaison with the School of the Built Environment, and I also undertook a lot of externally funded project work.

From 1983 to 1985 I was Readers Services Librarian at Chancellor College, University of Malawi Library, in Zomba, Malawi.  A photo of the Library staff (circa 1984) is available.  From 1992 to 1993 I worked in the University of Botswana Library, as Humanities Subject Librarian. A photo of the UB Library staff (circa 1992) is available.

One of my roles as Senior Subject Librarian at Heriot-Watt University was to help to build the collections, and market and exploit the collections and services of the Library. I liaised with the School of the Built Environment in order to do so. In particular, I assisted the School in the selection of materials, I helped to provide a reference enquiry service for staff and students of the School, and I offered sessions on information finding to readers who were undertaking projects or dissertations.  I also maintained the How To Find Out: Built Environment guide.  I helped to keep some of the Library’s Web pages up to date, and I contributed to spineless?, the library’s blog (since rebranded as InformS). We were delighted that spineless? was a finalist in the Edublog 2007 awards, and was featured in the January 2008 issue of IWR.

Other blogs I have written or contributed to include News from ticTOCs, TechXtra News Blog, and Roddy MacLeod (this blog has now closed).

My interests include information services and the Internet, current awareness, RSS, journal Tables of Contents, electronic publishing in general, and the marketing of information services.

I was editor of the Internet Resources Newsletter, ISSN: 1361-9381, a popular free monthly Newsletter for academics, students, engineers, scientists, and social scientists. Marion Kennedy and Catherine Ure helped a lot with IRN.

I conceived, and was involved in, the ticTOCs Project and the Gold Dust Project, and nowadays I do some things with JournalTOCs, the journal current awareness service for researchers which has replaced ticTOCs.

Between June 2005 and May 2007 I managed the PERX Project (Pilot Engineering Repository Xsearch). This was a JISC-funded project, part of the Digital Repositories Programme, which developed a pilot service providing subject resource discovery across a series of repositories of interest to the engineering learning and research communities.

For ten years I managed EEVL, the Internet Guide for Engineering, Mathematics and Computing. This became part of Intute (previously the Resource Discovery Network (RDN)), which closed in 2011. Previously, EEVL was part of the Electronic Libraries Programme (eLib). Through my work with EEVL, I was involved with the Subject Portals Development Project. This was a project to develop three prototype faculty-level subject portals, including an Engineering Portal. TechXtra arose out of this work.

I was a member of UKeIG (UK eInformation Group), and was a member of the ProQuest Advisory board group.

I co-edited the 4th edition of ‘Information sources in engineering‘ with Jim Corlett. This reference book was published by KG Saur, and was chosen by the Engineering Libraries Division of the ASEE as 2006 Best Reference Work.

I’ve done some consultancy work for Inderscience.

I wrote a regular ‘UK Update’ column for Science and Engineering Network News, and also co-wrote an Australian Update column for the same journal with Gulcin Cribb. I wrote the ‘Internet Column’ for Library Review from 1997-1998.

From 1995 to 2005 I was Associate Editor of the New Review of Information Networking (formerly the Journal of Information Networking), ISSN 1361-4576.

Past projects I have been involved in include the Learning Skills for Undergraduates Manual. This was a task based manual which is designed to help undergraduates develop IT and technology-based skills. I have contributed to the Centre for Combined Studies: Heriot-Watt University: Study & IT: 301CS1 course, writing some material on Information Retrieval.

I was on the Project Team for FAILTE: Facilitating Access to Information on Learning and Teaching Resources in Engineering. This project created the SearchLT service. SearchLT Engineering was an internet resource catalogue with extravalue services, which aimed to help lecturers select and access suitable computer- and web-based learning materials for their courses.

A long time ago, with Dave (Cap’n Pinakes) Bond, I created Pinakes – A Subject Launchpad.

In December 2000, I was surprised, but delighted, to be the winner of the Information World Review Information Professional of the Year 2000.

I was also delighted to represent EEVL when the service received two commendations in the Library Association/Emerald PR & Publicity Awards 2001, and again, when EEVL was commended in the CILIP PPRG Awards, 2004. In October 2002, I was ‘fair chuffed’ to be inducted into the Internet Librarian Hall of Fame by the Richland College Library in Dallas, Texas.

Some publications and papers:

The importance of cc:license for the discoverability of open access articles in hybrid journals
H.Gibson and R.A.MacLeod: UKSG eNews 430, 28 Sept 2018.

We Should Not Light an Open Access Lamp and then Hide it Under a Bushel!
S.Chumbe, R.A.MacLeod and B.Kelly: Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Electronic Publishing Malta (2015) ISBN 978-1-61499-562-3 (online) pp. 102-112.

Hybrid Journals: Ensuring Systematic and Standard Discoverability of the Latest Open Access Articles
S.Chumbe, B.Kelly and R.A.MacLeod: The Serials Librarian, V68(1-4), 2015 pp. 143-155.

Keeping up to date with new research: JournalTOCS current awareness service, R.A.MacLeod: Paper presented at the CILIP ARLG and ISG meeting, CILIP HQ London, 9 July, 2014.

Hybrid journals: Ensuring systematic and standard discoverability of the latest Open Access articles
S.Chumbe, B.Kelly and R.A.MacLeod and S.Chumbe: Paper presented at NASIG 2014 conference, Ft Worth, 2 May 2014.

JournalTOCs: free resource for researchers now also in Premium
R.A.MacLeod: Multimedia Information & Technology Journal, V39(1), February 2013.

Marketing OA journals now that authors are customers: the role of RSS
S.Chumbe and R.A.MacLeod: Learned Publishing, V26(1), January 2013, pp. 51-56.

WattJournals: Towards an Economic and Lightweight Search Tool Alternative for Libraries To Help Their Students and Researchers Keep Up-To-Date
S.Chumbe and R.A.Macleod: Code4Lib Journal, Issue 12, 2010.

TicTOCron: an Automatic Solution for Propagating Quality Metadata to Scholarly TOC RSS Feed Metadata
S.Chumbe and R.A.Macleod: Paper presented at the 30th IATUL Annual Conference, Leuven (Belgium), 1-4 June 2009.

Transforming current awareness through RSS: How two projects (ticTOCs and Gold Dust) are using RSS to improve the information landscape for the 21st century researcher
L.J.Rogers, S.Hodson and R.A.MacLeod: Paper presented at the European Library Automation Group Conference (ELAG 09) Conference, Bratislava, 23 April, 2009 [slides]

Keeping up to date with scholarly literature: More on ticTOCs.
R.A.MacLeod: Multimedia Information & Technology, V. 35 (1) February 2009, pp 6-7.

Engineering information improves socially
R.A.MacLeod: Research Information, Issue 40, February/March 2009, pp.24-27.

Keeping current: What’s new in engineering information?
R.A.MacLeod: Paper presented at Online Information 2008, STM Information in Focus, London, 3rd December, 2008. [List of resources]

Marketing specialist technology information services: EEVL’s experience of promoting OneStep Industry News and OneStep Jobs.
R.A.MacLeod: In: E-Learning and Business Plans: National and International Case Studies, edited by Elaina Norlin, and Tiffini A. Scarecrow Press, Incorporated, 2008.

RSS and current awareness: How two projects (ticTOCS and Gold Dust) are hoping to improve the academic information landscape
R.A.MacLeod: Paper presented at INFORUM 2008, 29 May, Prague. [slides] [text]

The ticTOCs project: transforming current awareness
R.A.MacLeod and T.D.Bucknell: Breakout session presented at UKSG Conference 2008, Torquay. [slides]

New resources help engineers
R.A.MacLeod: Research Information, Issue 34, February/March 2008, pp. 24-27.

ticTOCs – Taking the pain out of RSS for journal tables of contents
R.A.MacLeod: Multimedia Information & Technology, 34(1), February 2008, pp. 14-16.

Taking the pain out of your RSS
J. Hilton and R.A. MacLeod, Sconul Focus, 42 Winter 2007, pp. 42-43.

R.A.MacLeod: Paper presented at Emerge and U&I Project Launch Event, 24 January, 2008.

Blogosphere: Information professionals guiding you to the best bits of the blogosphere.
R.A.MacLeod: Interview in Information World Review, January 2008. [online version].

Keeping current: What’s new in engineering information?
R.A.MacLeod: Paper presented at Online Information 2007, STM Information in Focus, London, 5th December, 2007.

Helping RSS help researchers
R.A.MacLeod: Research Information, Issue 33, December 2007/January 2008, p.18.

Perx and TechXtra
R.A.MacLeod: Paper presented at the Discovering eprints: finding needles in the haystack workshop, European Research Institute, Birmingham, 12 Sept 2007.

PerX – Pilot Engineering Repository Xsearch: Final Report
R.A. MacLeod: JISC Information Environment Repository, 2007

RSS Update: It’s RSS, Jim, but Not as We Know It
R.A.MacLeod: Free Pint, No 234, 26 July 2007. [nominated for the FUMSI Citation for Most Useful Article, 2007]

Guru interview
R.A.MacLeod: Emerald LibraryLink, The Information Professional’s Knowledge Network, April 2007.

Building Bridges with Blocks: Assisting digital library and Virtual Learning Environment integration through reusable middleware
S. Chumbe, R.A. MacLeod, and M.Kennedy: Paper presented at ELPUB 2007, the 11th International Conference on Electronic Publishing, focusing on challenges for the digital spectrum, Vienna, Austria.

Update on engineering information resources
R.A.MacLeod: Paper presented at Online Information 2006, STM Information in Focus, London, 29th November, 2006.

Introducing TechXtra
R.A.MacLeod: AERADE Newsletter, November 2006

Journal current awareness: past, present & future
R.A.MacLeod. Paper presented at the Aslib: Engineering information: past, present & future seminar, London, 22 Nov 2006.

Building an information infrastructure in the UK
J.Allinson and R.A.MacLeod: Research Information, Issue 25, October/November 2006, pp. 25-26.

The PerX Project – not just for engineers
R.A.MacLeod: E-MmITS, the electronic newsletter of the Multimedia and Information Technology Group Scotland, Spring/Summer 2006, pp. 11-14.

Overcoming the obstacles of harvesting and searching digital repositories from federated searching toolkits, and embedding them in VLEs
S.Chumbe, R.A.MacLeod, P.Barker, M.Moffat and R.Rist: Paper presented at the 2nd International Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems, Athens, Greece, June 19-21, 2006

PerX: Pilot Engineering Repository Xsearch
R.A.MacLeod: D-Lib Magazine: In Brief, Vol 12 No 3, March 2006

My favourite tipples
R.A.MacLeod: Free Pint, No 202, 16 March 2006.

Engineering: the changing information landscape
R.A.MacLeod: Free Pint, No 198, 19 January 2006.

Engineering Digital Repositories Landscape Analysis, and Implications for PerX
R.A.MacLeod and M.Moffat, 2005.

Update on engineering information resources
R.A.MacLeod: Paper presented at Online Information 2005, STM Information in Focus, London, 1st December, 2005.

EEVL Xtra: The Hidden Web at Your Fingertips
R.A.MacLeod: Ariadne, Issue 44, July 2005

New Hot Topic In-depth Reports Now Available
R.A.MacLeod: Ariadne, Issue 43, April 2005

EEVL, the Internet Resources Newsletter, etc
R.A.MacLeod: Paper presented at the CSA European Library Council meeting, Barcelona, 26th April, 2005.

Keeping up to date: Web and other online resources
R.A.MacLeod: Paper presented at the AUKML Conference ‘Essential skills for information’ York, 12th March, 2005

Submitting news items to online sources, newsletters, blogs, etc.
R.A.MacLeod: Paper presented at the JISC Workshop ‘Promoting your service through news’ London 10 Feb, 2005

Information sources in engineering
4th edition, edited by R.A.MacLeod and J.Corlett. Munchen: K.G. Saur. ISBN 3-598-24442-8

Four Search Engines and a Plaque
R.A.MacLeod: Ariadne, Issue 42, January 2005

Update on engineering information resources
R.A.MacLeod: Paper presented at Online Information 2004, Information Content Theatre, 30 November, 2004.

Improving Communications within JISC through News Aggregation
P. Davey, R.A.MacLeod, and M.Moffat: Ariadne, Issue 41, October 2004

EEVL News: EEVL Update
R.A.MacLeod: Ariadne, Issue 41, October 2004

RSS: Less hype, more action
R.A.Macleod: Free Pint, No 161, 17 June 2004.

The new EEVL portal
R.A.MacLeod: Paper presented at the USTLG Access to e-resources meeting, Edinburgh University Library, 17 June 2004.

RSS – Not Just for Techies
R.A.MacLeod: The Informed Librarian Online: Guest Forum, February 2004

What EEVL uesr really want
R.A.MacLeod: Ariadne, Issue 40, July 2004

How to find out in the Built Environment (Heriot-Watt)
R.A.MacLeod, 2004.

What’s in EEVL for Further Education
R.A.MacLeod: Ariadne, Issue 38, January 2004.

Update on engineering information resources
R.A.MacLeod: Paper presented at Online Information 2003, Specialist Subject Focus Theatre, 2 December, 2003.

RSS made easy by JISC and Publishers. What? How? Where? All revealed here
H.Hockx-Yu, R.A.MacLeod and T.Hannay: JISC Feature, Nov 2003.

Branding your Web site and electronic services: Marketing EEVL – lessons from experience
R.A.MacLeod: Paper presented at: Scottish Academic Libraries Co-operative Training Group (SALCTG) seminar, Edinburgh, 30 October, 2003

RSS and EEVL: Syndicating industry news and job announcements
R.A.MacLeod and L Ng: Ariadne, Issue 37, October 2003.

Guru interview Part 1; Part 2
R.A.MacLeod, Ex Libris, No 191, September 19, and No 192, 26 September, 2003

EEVL news and enhancements
R.A.MacLeod and L Ng: Ariadne, Issue 36, July 2003.

Free full-text e-journals and EEVL’s Engineering E-journal Search Engine
N. Harrison and R.A.MacLeod: Ariadne, Issue 35, March/April 2003.

EEVL – Search Me!
R.A.MacLeod: Ariadne, Issue 34, January 2003.

Branding your Web site and electronic services
R.A.MacLeod: Paper presented at: Create a brand new image: the challenge and benefits of branding and marketing your service, PPRG Annual Conference & AGM, Grasmere, November 7th-9th, 2002

Resident EEVL
R.A.MacLeod: Ariadne, Issue 33, September-October 2002.

Opening up international information frontiers: opportunities for engineers and enterprise managers through EEVL, the Internet guide to engineering, mathematics and computing
R.A.MacLeod: Keynote paper presentated at: Joint International Conference of Industrial Engineering Management (IE&EM’2002) & International Conference on Electronic Commerce Engineering (IceCE’2002), Tsinghua University in Beijing, 19-21 September, 2002.

EEVL: the Internet guide to Engineering, Mathematics and Computing
R.A.MacLeod: Paper presented to IFLA Science & Technology Section, Heriot Watt University, 22 August 2002.

Hear ye! Hear ye! Hear ye!
R.A.MacLeod: Ariadne, Issue 32, July 2002.

Coarse filters for shape matching
J. Corney, H. Rea, D. Clark, J. Pritchard, M. Breaks, and R. MacLeod: IEEE Computer Graphics, Vol 22 No 3, May-June 2002, pp. 65- 74

EEVL-ution to a portal
R.A.MacLeod: Ariadne, Issue 31, March-April 2002.

Two views of the digital Library
R.A.MacLeod and M Day: Paper presented at NetLab and friends Tribute and outlook after 10 years of digital library development, Lund University, 10th – 12th of April 2002.

EEVL: Subject-based Portal
R.A.MacLeod: Paper presented at Internet Librarian International 2002, Olympia, London, 18 March 2002

Information frustration
R.A.MacLeod: Information World Review, Issue 178, March 2002, p. 28

New EEVL service
R.A.MacLeod: SCONUL Newsletter 24, Winter 2001, pp 47-48

Brand new EEVL service
R.A.MacLeod: Ariadne, Issue 30, December 2001.

Why wait for the postman when electronic delivery is quicker?
R.A.MacLeod: Information World Review, Issue 174, November 2001, p. 42.

Part-Sourcing in a Global Market
H.J Rea, J.R. Corney, D.E.R. Clark, J. Pritchard, M.L. Breaks and R.A.MacLeod. Paper presented at ICeCE 2001, the 2001 International Conference on eCommerce Engineering, New Challanges for Global Manufacturing in the 21st Century, Sept. 16-18, Xi-an, China.

EEVL Update
R.A. MacLeod and L Kerr: Ariadne, Issue 28, June 2001.

Search engine round-up
R.A. MacLeod: Business Information Briefing, Issue No. 92, 5 June 2001, pp. 2-3.

Joining up the academic information landscape
M. Breaks and R.A.MacLeod: Library Association Record, 103 (5), May 2001, pp. 286-289.

EEVL: Case study
L. Kerr, and R.A.MacLeod: Tips and tricks for website managers, Edited by Mark Kerr, Aslib, 2001

Internet Resources in Engineering: Examples from EEVL
R.A.MacLeod: Paper presented at the Internet Librarian International 2001, Olympia 2, London, 26-28 March 2001.

Shoestring marketing: examples from EEVL
R.A.MacLeod and L Ng: Ariadne, Issue 27, March 2001.

EEVL: new profile, new office, and coming soon – a new service
R.A.MacLeod: Ariadne, Issue 26, December 2000.

Engineering and Energy
S K McKeating and R A MacLeod: Manual of online search strategies, 3rd ed. Vol 1: Sciences, Edited by C.J. Armstrong and Andrew Large, Gower, 2001

EEVL: A resource for engineers
R.A.MacLeod: LTSN Engineering, Issue 2, Aug/Sept 2000

EEVL backs a winner
R.A.MacLeod: Ariadne, Issue 25, September 2000

Panorama of Engineering Portals
R A MacLeod: Free Pint, Number 66, 6 July 2000.

Promoting a subject gateway: a case study from EEVL (Edinburgh Engineering Virtual Library)
R.A.MacLeod:  Online Information Review, 24 (1), 2000, pp. 59-63.

EEVL News Nuggets
R.A.MacLeod: Ariadne, Issue 24, June 2000

EEVL News Nuggets
R.A.MacLeod: Ariadne, Issue 23, March 2000.

EEVL: Background, virtual tour, business aspects and promotion
R. A. MacLeod: Paper presented to a workshop for members of the Danish Electronic Research Library, Copenhagen, 4th April, 2000.

How to find out in Chemical & Process Engineering (Heriot-Watt)
R A MacLeod, 2000.

Cafe culture online
R.A.MacLeod:  INSTANT Magazine, Nov-Dec, 1999.

Running on empty, looking for the virtual service station
R A MacLeod:  Information World Review, 153, December 1999, p. 62.

Round the World: Southern African engineering resources
R.A.MacLeod: Ariadne, Issue 22, December 1999

EEVL “not a success”
R.A.MacLeod: Ariadne, Issue 21, September 1999

Internet Hub for engineering, maths & computing
R A MacLeod: Software for engineering education, 15, 1999, pp. 18-19.

EEVL & EMC issues for IMESH
R A MacLeod: Short paper presented at the IMesh Framework Workshop, Scarman House, University of Warwick 2-4 June 1999.

Something for nothing? Engineering e-journals
R A MacLeod: Free Pint, Number 37, 29 April 1999.

Subject-Based Information Gateways In The UK
B Kelly and R A MacLeod: Conference Poster: Eighth International World Wide Web Conference (WWW 8), Toronto, Canada, May 11-14, 1999.

Back to the Future with INSPEC
R A MacLeod: EDINA Newsline 4.1, Spring 1999.

Round the World: Australian and South East Asian engineering resources
R A MacLeod and G Cribb: Ariadne, Issue 19, March 1999.

Australian Internet sites: how to find them, and what’s available
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How to find out: Computing and Electrical Engineering (Heriot-Watt).
R A MacLeod, 1999.

Our electronic jigsaw
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Enabling the user in the quest for quality
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Subject-based information gateways
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The EEVL approach to providing a subject gateway for engineers
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Discover: Engineering Information
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Engineering resources: examples and sources
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The lesser of two EEVLs?
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Trends and developments in Internet resources for process engineers
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Internet developments in Process Engineering

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Tracking new Internet resources
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Around the Table: Engineering
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How to find out in Mechanical Engineering (Heriot-Watt).
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Lean, Mean and EEVL
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The Internet Resources Newsletter from Heriot-Watt University
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All the world’s a page
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Providing an Internet Current Awareness Service for your Organisation
R A MacLeod: Breakout Session, UKOLUG State-of-the-Art Conference, University of Warwick, 17th-19th July 1996, pp. 131-132.

Engineering information sources on the Internet
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How to find out in Environmental Engineering (Heriot-Watt).
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Edinburgh Engineering Virtual Library: Gateway to Engineering Information Resources in the UK
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Internet magazines.
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Heriot-Watt goes worldwide.
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The Internet via e-mail.
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Fear and loathing on the Internet: some assistance.
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Lost in Cyberspace?: Help is at hand.
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All you need is e-mail
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Surfing the Internet: A guide to some cyberspace sources of information available via e-mail, of interest to librarians.
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The impact of information technology on the development of the University of Botswana Library over the next 20 years.
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Electronic mail and the Internet.
R A MacLeod: Paper presented at the Information Strategies for Scientists in Southern Africa: a Joint CSC/BTC Workshop, Gaborone, Botswana, 22-24 September, 1993.

An introduction to CD-ROM.
R A MacLeod: Paper presented at the African Economic Research Consortium Workshop for Economics Librarians, Gaborone, 26-30 July, 1993.

Automation: The thin edge of the electronic wedge.
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Online searching: the costs.
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Overseas students in an academic library: Case study.
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Up the Limpopo with IT.
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Case study for training for automation in a library.
E R T Chiware and R A MacLeod: Paper presented at the Training of Trainers Programme for Information Professionals: a Joint DSE/UB-LIS Course, University of Botswana, 28 June – 9 July 1993.

Training for automation in an academic library: the experience of a Developing Country.
E R T Chiware and R A MacLeod: Paper presented at the Info Africa Nova Conference, Pretoria, 4-7 May 1993.

How to find out: General information (Heriot-Watt).
R A MacLeod: 1991.

Library orientation in an academic library in a Developing Country.
R A MacLeod: MALA Bulletin, 4 (2), 1986, pp. 44-62.

African Internet Resources
R A MacLeod: Unpublished paper, December 1994.

I have also published various book and software reviews in Reference Reviews, the Botswana Library Association Journal, Library Review, Science and Engineering Network News, and ITs News.

14 comments on “Background

  1. Hi Dave,

    You raise a number of points in your article at

    As Palmer states, it is very important that not just research articles are saved, but also the data as well.

    I’m not an expert in this area, but I would say that an increasing amount of data is being curated and made available in one form or another. Sometimes in repositories, sometimes in places linked to from research articles (often at the publishers’ websites), and sometimes elsewhere.

    Previously, this was not the case.

    Now, much of that data will be good, but some may be dross.

    Making sure that information is usable on a broad basis, as you suggest, is a very big job.

    This might be tackled in two ways – encouraging standardisation when data is collected; making it more possible for the data to be re-used after ‘publication’.

    One big problem is providing motivation for the first way. It’s a big enough issue at the present time simply to encourage researchers to make their data available. Researchers do research, but often their eye is also on future funding, rather than worrying about how their data might be re-used or examed by others.

    Having worked (slightly) with Bill Mischo, I’m totally impressed with various outputs from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  2. Thanks for the response Roddy. Standardization is at least part of the solution and typically needs to be mandated for adoption. There’s no way to know unless we actually get started, right now its to each his own.
    This kind of a problem leads to an issue with sharing knowledge, not necessarily data. Standards are important but centralization, at least in terms of a clearinghouse, would go a long and should be happening.
    Is there not a national librarian and library association? It is amazing that all this content is basically not curated, at least not in the traditional sense.
    Anyway..Thanks for the response.

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  7. Hello Roddy, I have been researching resources for industrial and process engineers and of course I came across your page. I was hoping that you would be willing to take a look at and offer some expert feedback on a valve configurator that I have developed. One of them is located at: but most of the products have them. A page with a short video and links to all of them is available here:
    I look forward to your expertise.

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